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As a side project, I decided to redesign Instagram: my most used social media service. Recently I have been designing experiences for the far future, thinking about the most ideal scenarios. I wanted to take a step back and think about the near future in order to flex my design muscles. For this redesign, I challenged myself to design an incremental step for Instagram within a short time frame; the main task was to think about:

How to update an experience without disturbing the current platform.

The Solution

Give the user an opportunity to break away from the endless scroll.



Feeds offers a new way to explore and organize your content.

By replacing Explore with Feeds, the user can expand and organize their interests.

Users can swipe between feeds at anytime.



Users can organize followers to see the content they want, when they want.


Hashtag based feeds allows users to keep track of events.


Better recommendations for followers based off their interests.


A new level of monetization through sponsored feeds.


Additional Updates

More Delightful Loading & Like Animation

The like animation originates from where the user double tapped the image.

The loading animation grabs the color code from the image meta-data that was created when uploaded.

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Though I use Instagram daily, it was very important to include user research within my process. Here my key findings:


- Main Feed was too long and unorganized.

" I wanna see what my friends are doing."
Passive Action: 
Follows many brands and famous people, this clutters the feed from friends.

"I look at names first not photos"
Passive Action:
Scrolls quickly past the other Instagram users in order to get to the content the user wants. 


- Instagram has become much more than "instant" share, its become a brand, portfolio, and messaging service. 

Users hacked a way to queue their posts, by purposely "failing" the upload with airplane mode.



- Like and Loading are key visual feedbacks to the user.

The user reads the caption and moves on before the photo loads. Liking photos was the most used feedback on posts.



Photo Nov 08, 12 36 37 PM.jpg


Runner up interface solutions:

Add a feed button next to the Instagram logo 

Photo Nov 08, 12 56 09 PM.jpg

Problem: It's uncomfortable for the user to reach across the screen, especially with the growing screen sizes of today.

Add an extra level for pull to refresh to access feeds. 

Problem: Refreshing could accidentally navigate the user to the feeds homepage. 



Pull from bottom

Problem: The hit state is too small and could cause the user to hit a tab within the dock. Alternatively, if the hit state is scaled, it hides the feed.





This project was for learning purposes and is not affiliated with Instagram.