Work Under Non Disclosure Agreement

IBM Watson Visioneering Team

The Watson’s Visioneering team helps bring emerging technology and new interactions to the Watson experience as it exists today. We work to develop Watson’s distinct personality through UI exploration and research. Watson is pioneering the cognitive computing era so the experience of interacting with Watson should be as unique as the technology itself. As a team we identify the ideal interaction between human and computer by determining what is possible now while simultaneously looking towards the future.

UX / Motion Designer of Visioneering

As a User Experience / Motion Designer for the Watson Visioneering Team, I help transform the good designs we create into memorable user experiences through quality motion design. I help contribute to the overall future user experience vision of Watson through the IBM Design Thinking in order to understand how Watson will act in the future, explore concepts, prototype solutions, and evaluate those experiences. Currently, I am working on creating the UX motion principles and guidelines for all of IBM Watson.